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The Coplow Centre Hosts Wheelchair Basketball Leaving Party for Tarmac Colleague

This month, The Coplow Centre hosted company, Tarmac Ltd's event to say farewell to a much-loved colleague. And the main event? A game of wheelchair basketball.

Taking place in the centre's Events Hall, the evening began with Channel 4's Sports Broadcaster, Jordan Jarrett sharing his sporting journey with the Tarmac team before a fun (and very competitive) game of basketball – wheelchair's kindly provided by Sparrows Wheelchair Basketball Club and sports charity, Motivation, who were also in attendance.

Moving to the bar & lounge area where refreshments and a short celebratory presentation were shared, this concluded a fantastic night of inclusive sport and team-building. We're incredibly proud to have been a part of this brilliant event.

Read more about the event and sports charity, Motivation here.

Watch a video showcasing the event here.

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