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The Coplow Centre Remembers the Life of Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth II: 21 April 1926 - 8 September 2022

On Thursday 8th September, the people of Billesdon and the rest of the UK were rocked by the tragic passing of Queen Elizabeth II at the age of 96. The nation was united in its shock and grief at the passing of the country's longest-reigning monarch.

Yet, we have also been brought together in our celebration of her extraordinary life and the incredible 70 years she served as Queen. We've collectively looked back at some of her greatest moments and defining characteristics - her service as a military mechanic during World War II, her sense of humour, her special connection with Paddington Bear. Above all, we've been reminded of her enduring role as the nation's face of stability, understanding, and togetherness.

At The Coplow Centre, we've looked back at our own recent celebration of the Queen's tenure: our Platinum Jubilee Celebration. What began as royal fever and a toast to Her Majesty's tenure as Queen has become a testament to this sense of togetherness and community that she inspired throughout her reign.

Our celebration had everything befitting a Queen of her standing: a free BBQ, drinks, and a live viewing of the Jubilee concert on our own big screen. Most importantly, we brought together the local Billesdon community to reminisce over her historic rule. A fantastic turnout and the great fun we had as a community made it a truly royal affair.

Looking back on that day, we want to continue this sense of community and togetherness that Queen Elizabeth II inspired and celebrate her life by continuing to honour these traits in our future activities and celebrations.

Please join us in celebrating the good times Queen Elizabeth II brought us and enjoy this selection of images from our Platinum Jubilee Celebration as you reminisce.

May she rest in peace.

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