This is a multi-use sports area that was resurfaced in June 2019 that is marked out for tennis, 5-a-side football, and netball. Goals, tennis net and netball posts are available on the court.

It is surrounded by a high net fence and is fitted with rebound boards. It can be used at any time of year as it has floodlights which are operated by a card system. The cards can be purchased from Don’s shop in the village square, so that the Centre itself does not have to be open for the outside Court to be available. The card meter is situated on the outside wall on the east side of the building. Each card lasts 30minutes, the halogen lights take 2-3mins to warm up and if the lights go out and another card inserted there is a delay before the lights work again. You can enter 2 cards consecutively if you wish to play for 60mins and not be interrupted by the lights going out after 30mins.

The court is kept locked and to gain access you will need to apply for an electronic key. To apply please call 0116 259 6995 or email and provide your name, address, telephone number and email.

If the court is required on a specific day, then to ensure guaranteed access to the court at this time, it is advisable to ‘book’ the court in advance at a cost of £10/hour. At all other times when the court is not ‘booked-out’ ad hoc use of this court is free and on a ‘first-come first-use’ basis. To check the pre-booked sessions of the court, click here. Should a pre-booked party arrive to use the court when you are occupying the court, we would be grateful if you would kindly vacate the court for the booked user.

This Court is unsupervised and players using this court do so at their own risk. The Court can be slippery when wet and caution is needed when used. Appropriate footwear must be worn at all times.

We would request that you respect the provision of these facilities and that you will leave them as you find them for the next users of the court. Your help in this would be much appreciated.

The Savanna court surface is the most advanced synthetic tennis/all-purpose surface on the market, it is half sand filled and dries very quickly after rain.

In order to maintain the surface to its highest quality please observe the following rules;

  1. No Food or Drink (other than water)
  2. No Glass
  3. No Smoking or Alcohol
  4. No Chewing Gum
  5. No Dogs
  6. Carry Equipment, DO NOT DRAG
  7. Avoid deliberate and intentional kicking of a ball into the netting or over the netting towards the centre roof.